Taylor's Run by Curious Legends

20 January 21

When you think theatre, places like the Civic Theatre in the heart of Newcastle might be what first comes to mind… but Newcastle visual theatre company, Curious Legends, aren’t about that.

Known for their work outdoors with massive, illuminated puppets, Curious Legends are experts in working in alternative spaces and buck the trend of ‘normal’ theatre by bringing the show to the people.

At New Annual in February 2021, Curious Legends will debut a brand-new performance – Taylor’s Run – which will draw crowds to a rather unusual performance venue: Summerhill Waste Management Centre in Wallsend.

Taylor’s Run will tell the story of a young girl, Taylor, who embarks on a journey to retrieve her favourite pygmy possum puppet after it’s thrown out and sent on it’s way to the tip.

The show is based around waste and how we use it, how we engage with the environment and how we might work towards a greener and more waste conscious future.

Children are set to play some of the main roles in the performance, including the titular character Taylor, various animals that she’ll meet along the way, and the ‘trash goons’ that our hero will come up against.

Curious Legends CEO, Mitchell Reese said one of the company’s specialties is working in unconventional spaces.

“It’s quite rare to see our work in a theatre,” Reese said.

“Generally, we’re most comfortable performing on the street, outdoors, and inhabiting spaces you wouldn’t expect to see theatre performances in.

“We realised that Summerhill was an amazing space and it’d be a lot of fun to work out there, and we’ve been working with council and staff to bring [Taylor’s Run] about.”

And what does Reese think theatregoers can expect from Taylor’s Run?

“Suspend all preconceptions of what theatre is because it’s very unlikely to be found when you come and see one of our shows,” Reese said.

There will be four performances of Taylor’s Run across the New Annual festival, on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 February , and Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 February. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

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