Visiting Artists

01 October 20

New Annual will present a diverse selection of visiting artists from around Australia. Expect to see art and performance in unexpected places and be transported to other worlds. 


The festival will host the world premiere of two new compositions by Australian composers as part of Omega Ensemble’s special intimate performance at City Hall. When performing his own concertos, the great showman Frederic Chopin preferred the intimate setting of a smoky salon to the grand concert halls of Paris. As a matter of practicality, Chopin arranged his own concertos for small string ensembles to perform in these venues. In this tradition, Night & Now presents three “concerto-like” chamber works, two of which had their origins for orchestra.


Passenger is a theatre work, which places its audience inside a moving suburban bus. A conversation is heard between two fellow passengers and—as we gaze at the passing world outside—we are seduced into an altered understanding of the environment around us. Passenger references Western films where the cowboy seeks to ‘right’ a 'wrong' that the law neglects or cannot rectify. In a familiar conversational style, two strangers discuss the ethics of contemporary life before the female reveals her true identity and her mission of retribution. Written by Nicola Gunn and directed by Jessica Wilson and Ian Pidd, Passenger is a sweeping and cinematic theatrical experience.


A nocturnal pilgrimage to an out-of-bounds football court. Synchronised breathing, ritual dances, obscure football history, acclamations, refrains and Cruyffian technique. Flirting with a scary boundary between fiction and reality, Klapping is a new urban movement form founded by Feras the Shield and Maestro Ahil. They initiate the audience into this strange, but familiar, new form. Starting with its history, moving through foundations and dress codes and arriving at the euphoria of a battle, over the course of the evening the audience is initiated, beginning their transformation towards football deity. By immersing in football paraphernalia and reveling in the energy of the court, Feras the Shield and Maestro Ahil guide the audience through this search for profound spiritual significance in the idiosyncratic codes and rituals of football.

PONY EXPRESS IN RESIDENCE (Partnership with The Lock-Up)

How should we name the era we will all die in? Epoch Wars is an immersive, participatory live artwork by Pony Express that challenges the naming of the ‘anthropocene’ to explore who is really responsible for the state of our planet. What epoch name will help us create a future worth fighting for? Epoch Wars has commissioned contributions and propaganda campaigns from diverse international and local artists, scientists, and visionaries, asking them to imagine alternative worlds to the “anthropocene”. The inaugural New Annual will see Pony Express in residence, working with local artists to generate a Novocastrian response to these pressing questions. This residency will include a series of public activities that will result in a presentation at the next festival.

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