Synthesised street-dance grounded in football culture and movement.

28 January 21

Lionel Messi, Johan Cruyff, Robin van Persie, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Do these names sound familiar?

It is the movements of these global football superstars, from the intricacies of the shoulder drop of Messi and the fast and simple footwork of Cristiano Ronaldo, to the accentuated hands of Dutch legend Robin van Persie and his compatriot Johan Cruyff’s signature turn, which have helped found Klapping.

Described by Feras Shaheen, one of Klapping’s founders, as ‘synthesised street-dance grounded in football culture and movement’, this event is one of New Annual’s most anticipated.

It seeks to blur the line between sport and art, freeing footballers from the physical and cultural cliches of the game.

“There has always been a tension between sports and arts,” Shaheen said.

“Ever since I was in high school, I noticed that there weren't many students enrolled in artistic subjects that also play sports. I was doing both and I still believe there is creative freedom in both.

“Klapping gives the hardcore sports fan an outlet to engage with the arts which I think is super powerful and can give a different perspective towards dance and art itself.”

Dancers, footballers, and the public are invited to participate at a series of free workshops from February 3 – 5 at National Park Basketball Courts, before the Klapping centrepiece, the ‘Initiation’, takes place on two separate nights on February 13 and 14. 

For more details about the workshops or to register to participate email

Click here for more info or to buy tickets for the Klapping centrepiece event.

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