Acquist by Catapult Choreographic Hub

13 January 21

Did you know that Civic Park is home to what is widely regarded as the master work of esteemed Modernist sculptor, Margel Hinder?

Or more specifically, the fountain is.

The water sculpture in the fountain is a visually striking monument to Newcastle’s industrial history and dramatic coastline.

It is this story, represented by the steel, copper, and granite sculpture in Civic Park, which has inspired Acquist: a performance set to be staged in the fountain by renowned contemporary dance company, Catapult Dance Choreographic Hub.

Catapult Choreographic Hub Director, Cadi McCarthy described the process of conceptualising a performance like Acquist as a challenging one.

“It is an incredible unique approach to creating work as there are many different elements to consider: water, weather, surfaces and then the dancers’ bodies within that,” McCarthy said.

“I had to look at how I was going to create a work in the fountain that utilised all these elements. I approached Zackari Watt [Acquist’s composer] with a crazy idea I had for a set to sit within the fountain itself, and the results are incredible. The dancers look like they can walk on water.”

“Choreographically, it was an interesting development process with half of rehearsals spent in the fountain and the other half in the studio. It was important to work out what was possible in water, as it is heavy to move in waist-deep water.”

Held over three nights during New Annual in February 2021, Acquist will make use of the architecture and themes of the fountain itself.

Featuring eight dancers and accompanied by an orchestral score composed by Newcastle talent, Zackari Watt, the performance will make use of Margel Hinder’s sculptural masterpiece like never before.

“An absolutely beautiful evening of contemporary dance… what a perfect way to spend a summer’s evening,” Cadi McCarthy said.

“This is a very unique experience, and one not to be missed.”

Tickets for Acquist are on sale now and can be purchased by clicking here

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