A dancer's guide to New Annual

20 January 21

New Annual is coming to Newcastle in February, and with such a wide variety of arts, music, theatre, and performance descending on the city there is something for everyone to enjoy!

With events stretching from performances in the Civic Fountain where dancers appear to walk on water, to stunning and eye-catching cabaret in a purpose-built facility and football-inspired dance, we decided to break things down and make it a little easier for you to find your way around the festival.

In this edition of ‘how-to New Annual’, check out three handpicked events at New Annual which dance fans are sure to love.

A performance from acclaimed Newcastle contemporary dance company, Catapult Choreographic Hub, Acquist is performed in the Civic Park Fountain as dancers seemingly walk on water, exploring a chapter of Newcastle’s creative story.
Friday 19 February, Saturday 20 February, Sunday 21 February
Civic Park, Newcastle

The master work of esteemed sculptor, Margel Hinder, Civic Park Fountain uses steel, copper, and granite to tell the story of Newcastle.

It’s this story which has inspired Acquist, a performance IN the fountain featuring eight dancers and an orchestral score composed by Newcastle talent, Zackari Watt.

Incredibly unique, dancers will be one with the elements for a beautiful evening of contemporary dance in one of Newcastle’s most striking monuments.

Tickets start from $30, and can be purchased by clicking here.

Intergalacular Sci-Fi Spectacular
Cabaret comes to Newcastle with the Intergalacular Sci-Fi Spectacular: epic song and dance numbers, strange and exotic ultra-dimensional burlesque performances, and not to be missed.  
February 12 – 14, February 17 – 21
The Hangar, Civic Park

The centrepiece performance of The Hangar, the Intergalacular Sci-Fi Spectacular is a risqué cabaret show which will wow crowds throughout New Annual.

Marvel at the powerful vocal majesty of Z Watt - King of Singing, the epic sci-fi grandeur of Flight Hawk, and a veritable visual feast of elaborate props, vivid costumery, large scale puppets, projections & more!

Tickets start from $35.70, and can be purchased by clicking here.

A synthesised street-dance grounded in football culture and movement, Klapping explores the way in which footballers glide around the pitch and brings it to life in dance.
Saturday 13 February and Sunday 14 February
Nationa Park Basketball Courts, Newcastle

Klapping brings together sport and art, taking inspiration from the often-graceful movements of footballers to develop what one of its founders describes as ‘synthesised street-dance grounded in football culture and movement’.

Using minimal staging and props including football paraphernalia and smoke bombs, Klapping is a gritty and street smart contemporary dance experience like no other.

While they encourage participation, guests can simply watch on as the Klappers glide across the courts in the style of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and more.

Tickets start from $25, and can be purchased by clicking here.

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