Locally Made & Played

Hit up the following live sites during New Annual, with local venues hosting live and local music events, proudly supported City of Newcastle and funded by the Boost Arts & Culture Live Music grant.

Please contact these local venues directly regarding gig times and tickets.

Beach Burrito Co
13th Waxfinz
19th House DJ 6pm
20th Gold Blum 6pm
Cambridge Hotel
20th Cooks and Bakers
Jams Karaoke Bar
13th Tristan Bradley
20th Adam Osmanovic 7pm
Meet Restaurant
19th Jerome O'Connor
20th Rox
21st Croc
Oriental Hotel Cooks Hill
14th Adam Miller Trio 
14th Brennan Fell Trio
19th Luna Menta
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Racecourse Hotel Wallsend
12th Ngariki
13th Huge Combo
19th Dave Javier

The Duke of Wellington
13th Darren Rolling Keys
20th Pistol Pete
21st Mike Vee
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The Exchange Hotel
13th Cliff & Co
19th Mick Jones
20th Tre Soul
The Kent Hotel
12th Matt McLaren
14th Threads blues band
21st Giant blues band 9pm
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The Lass O'Gowrie
19th LOICC
20th Moonsign
21st Lysytsa
The Lucky Hotel
12th Dean Kyrwood
13th Howard Shearman
19th Colonel's 2 piece feed
The Mark Hotel
14th Oran Vir
20th Bobby C 7pm
21st 2Good Reasons 3pm
The Rogue Scholar
19th Olivia Coco Trio 5pm
20th The Raggle Taggle Gypsies 8pm
21st Songwriter's Circle ft. Luna Menta
The Stag & Hunter
12th Mid City
13th Time On Earth
19th Lizard
Wickham Park Hotel
13th VOW
14th Raw Candy