Speed Writing Sessions with author Ed Wright

  • Venue

    Press Book House


    01 October 2:00pm - 4:00pm
    02 October 2:00pm - 4:00pm


  • Standard Free
Your book starts here at The Press Book House!  Under the guidance of esteemed author and educator Ed Wright from The Creative Word Shop.  There’s a hidden writer in all of us, but it’s not always easy to get those creative juices flowing, that's where we step in...  Just as old greats like Beckett, Joyce, Miller, Stein, Nin, Fitzgerald, and Baldwin did in Paris centuries before, head to a café, grab a wine, a cocktail, coffee or beer and get ready to purge onto the page.  

Perhaps it is a memoir, a mystery or (potentially) the next bestselling novel to hit the shelves, an epic poem even.  Get amongst it people… unleash the literary beast that hides within…. A plethora of protagonists… a myriad of mysteries. Let the fun begin! 

Wine, cocktails, beer and coffee are available for purchase on the day.