Newcastle Podcast Festival

Media of the past was reactive, new media dictates the agenda, it’s entertaining, thought provoking, well thought out and informative.  That’s why it’s growth is accelerating at such a rapid rate. 

Podcasts enrich people’s lives, educate and entertain them as well as inspire them to be the best versions of themselves daily and tell important stories that add to the rich tapestry of Australian culture. They also encourage people to take leaps of faith, chase their dreams and take practical steps towards the life they want. 

Newcastle Podcast Festival aims to educate and entertain podcasters from all walks of life and be a celebration of the communicative art form itself. We’ll move the needle with a meeting of the most advanced podcasting minds from Australia and beyond and we can’t wait to have you there when we do. 

If you can’t make it we welcome you to listen, rate and review the Newcastle Podcast Festival podcasts wherever you listen! Visit the Newcastle Podcast Festival website.

Booking fees and charges may apply.
Panel Podcast


  • Friday 19 February Various
  • Saturday 20 February Various
  • Sunday 21 February Various


  • Online