Message From Another You : The Parallel Effect

Message From Another You

‘Message From Another You’ possesses an oddball charm. Its novel use of bespoke interactive software & voice technology, hitched to a didactic purpose is inspired. It’s a left-field morale boost if you’re feeling powerless and depressed by consistent failures of environmental policy and looming climate disaster.”

Cameron Woodhead, The Age

164 Hunter Street
22 Sept - 01 Oct

What if you could hear from a different version of yourself, living in a parallel world?


  • Standard $45
  • Concession $35

    22 Sept - 24 Sept Every hour from 12:00 noon - 9:00pm
    27 Sept - 01 Oct Every hour from 12:00 noon - 9:00pm
  • Venue

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Following sell-out seasons at Melbourne Knowledge Week (2021) and FUSE Festival Melbourne (2022), New Annual is proud to present the NSW premiere of The Parallel Effect’s Message From Another You - a participatory art experience like no other.

From the moment you arrive your immersive journey begins. A single person adventure into universes unknown. Over the course of this experience, guided by space suit clad performers, you will learn about the Many Worlds Interpretation, some of the keystone species, spaces and places that make our particular universe so unique and explore why we, as humans, are so fascinated by the notion of doubles and doppelgängers.

Then, in the name of collaborative care and interdimensional solidarity, a pandimensional organisation tasked with beneficial interventions across realities will ask a special favour of you... Follow the instructions carefully and afterwards, keep a close eye on your inbox - another version of you from a parallel world will be in touch.

Combining immersive theatre, live music, interactive interfaces and the very latest in AI voice-cloning technology, this wondrous adventure is a must.

Recommended for audiences 13+

45 minutes, no interval.

This performance contains haze, complex themes and paradigm-altering experiences.

Creative lead & producer: Daz Chandler 
Music & sound design: Edwin Montgomery 
Interface design: Warren Armstrong 
Key artwork & TPE patch design:  Ahmed Salama
Contributing writers: Aunty Carol Ridegway Bisset, Georgina Woods, Aaron Kearney, Louis Ndagijimana, 
Safdar Ahmed, Eloise Chandler, Kat Clarke, Warren Armstrong
Voice cloning: Resemble AI 
Video editor: Nick Hogan 
Production design: Holly Preston 

Developed with the support of Melbourne Knowledge Week, NextWave and The Graham F. Smith Peace Prize. 

This video was created by Zacari Stoltenberg and George Goodman, with additional footage courtesy of FUSE festival and @Saidanddonemedia.