Due to the nature of today's weather (Saturday 13th), tonight's performance of Klapping has been cancelled.   Ticket holders for Saturday's performance can contact Civic Tickets Box Office on Monday morning from 10.00am for a refund (4929 1977), or you may redeem your ticket (without re-issue) at Sunday 14th performance.

A nocturnal pilgrimage to an out-of-bounds court. Synchronised breathing, ritual dances, obscure football history, acclamations, refrains and Cruyffian* technique.

Flirting with a scary boundary between fiction and reality, Klapping is a new urban movement form founded by Feras the Shield and Maestro Ahil. They initiate the audience into this strange, but familiar, new form. Starting with its history, moving through foundations and fashion codes and arriving at the euphoria of a battle, over the course of the evening the audience is initiated, beginning their transformation towards football deity. 

By bathing/immersing in football paraphernalia and revelling in the energy of the court, Feras the Shield and his initiates guide the audience through this search for profound spiritual significance in the idiosyncratic codes and rituals of football. 

*Cruyffian refers to concepts developed by the late, Dutch, footballer, Johan Cruyff. 

Booking fees and charges may apply.

Klapping was originally commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre.

Important Audience Information 

•       Audience will meet at Fearnley Dawes Athletic Track (entrance on Smith St) where tickets will be checked. The group will then be inducted and guided on a short walk of approximately five minutes along level but sometimes unsealed ground to the performance site
•       This performance involves moderate audience physical activity on a hard-concrete surface. Audiences are advised to wear cool, comfortable clothing and flat, enclosed shoes. If you are suffering from any injuries or are unable to participate in moderate physical activity, please contact the New Annual team on newannual@ncc.nsw.gov.au to discuss your participation
•       Please note that participation in this event is at your own risk
•      Smoke emitters are used during the performance
•       Audiences will be standing for the duration of the performance, up to 70 minutes
•       Drinking water will be available onsite, but audiences are welcome to bring their own non-alcoholic beverages 
•       Please be advised that toilets are available at the muster point, but not at the performance site. 
•       A limited number of chairs will be provided for those that need to rest, however if you have specific access or other requirements or concerns, please contact the New Annual team on newannual@ncc.nsw.gov.au or by calling the Civic Tickets Box Office on (02) 4929 1977 before 2pm on the Friday before your show date to ensure we are able to meet your needs
•      In the event of Wet Weather the performance will go ahead.  In the case of extreme weather, please ensure you monitor pre-show communications via Civic Tickets, on the day of the performance in case of any change to the program
•       This performance may be filmed and photographed
•       We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting performance experience

Dance Music


  • Saturday 13 February 7.00-9.00pm
  • Sunday 14 February 7.00-9.00pm