Epoch Wars : Pony Express

  • Venue

    City Hall View map


    01 October 2:30pm - 6:00pm


  • Standard $39

What should we name a future worth fighting for?

Epoch Wars is a seismic, anarchic adventure camouflaged as a conference; a deep-time festival-of-ideas where you get to decide on the name of our geological era.

Earth’s history is divided into massive slabs of time called ‘epochs’. Right now, a contest is raging to re-label our slice the “Anthropocene” - the age of human impact. But the “Anthropocene” blames all of us equally for Earth’s dire circumstances, rather than the corporations, CEOs, and top dogs in charge.  

Infiltrating Newcastle City Hall, Epoch Wars enlists you and an army of Australia’s most exciting artists and speakers. In a series of subversive keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities, we will battle it out for the naming rights of our shared future.

The geological just got personal.

Produced by Performing Lines
Co-Lead Artist and Conference Facilitators: Ian Sinclair and Loren Kronemyer
Collaborating Artist / Epoch Warriors:  BLECK and Tallulah Brown 
Keynote Speakers: Emma-Maye Gibson, Gringai Worimai Elder Luke Russell
Multimedia and Sound Design Donovan Miller
Scenography Associate Rachael Guinness
Lighting Designer Alex Torney
Stage Manager Sophie Ambler
Interactive Website Designer Xavier Burrows

Duration 3.5 hours

Art Performance