Deejay X Dancer : Nick Power

  • Venue

    Newcastle Museum View map


    29 September 7:30pm
    30 September 6:00pm
    1 October 7:30pm


  • Standard $39
Inspired by the legendary block parties of 1970’s New York, Sydney-based choreographer Nick Power (Two Crews, Between Tiny Cities) pays tribute to hip hop’s origins. Lining the edge of the stage the audience will be brought in close to the action to create a powerful and intimate space for the showdown.

Featuring world champion turntablist DJ Total Eclipse (AB Original, Funkoars) with 3 of Australia’s most respected Breakers, Anastasios Repousi, Justice Crew member and winner of Australia’s Got Talent; Jackson Garcia, member of breaking crews Skill at Will and Team Cream; and legendary Australian B*girl Demi Sorono.

Deejay x Dancer walks the tightrope of live performance in a thrilling call and response showdown, highlighting the skill, playfulness and connection between these two traditional hip hop forms.

Choreographer Nick Power
DJ and Sound Design DJ Total Eclipse
Dancers: Anastasios Repousi, Demi Sorono, Jackson Garcia
Video Design Sean Bacon
Dramaturg Lee Wilson
Production Manager Alejandro Rolandi

Duration 60 minutes

Deejay x Dancer has been commissioned by the Sydney Opera House.
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