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    23 September - 02 October Tuesday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm
    23 September - 02 October Saturday + Sunday 12:00pm - 4:00pm


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Clouds are temporary, always changing. Visible and invisible at the same time, the illusion of depicting a cloud in art is much like the illusion of a cloud itself. Following recent times of upheaval, isolation and contemplation, anyone can look at clouds and see the cycles of nature, or their own internal state, reflected in the infinite configurations.

'Clouds' the exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists from the Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, demonstrating individual interpretations to the theme as varied and beautiful as the nature of clouds themselves.
Designed as a truly inclusive show, ‘Clouds’ will feature established and emerging artists, working in various mediums, exhibiting side by side, as much a community event as an artistic exhibition.

Curated by Louise Faulkner and Leah Fawthrop
Artists: James Napier, Janet Mack, James Rhodes, Jo Dyer, Jodi Vial, Leah Poi, Li Goninon, Liss Finney, Louise Faulkner, Lyndal Campbell, Marly Hart, Miriam Karwath (Lucy Mim), Natalie Sherring, Nick Barlow, Olivia, Parsonage, Paul Maher, Peter Tilley, Rob Cleworth, Sally Gunn, Sarah Davy, Shelagh Lummis, Tracie Bertram, Tyler Dan, Zoe Tjanarvos
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