Civic Comedy 2.0

In the pit that was 2020, awash with hand sanitiser and social distancing, the Civic Comedy Club was a welcome relief - serving up brilliant comedians, food and drinks in equal measures.  

As part of New Annual, we're launching Civic Comedy 2.0 and with restrictions lifting, we can get back to comedians on the stage and the audience in the auditorium!  

Make a proper night of it by dropping into Civic Bar Beats for a bevvy, booking dinner in the Digest, then taking your favourite seat in the Civic for 90 minutes of funny-bone tickling of the highest order. If you don't have time for dinner and drinks, just rock up for the laughs!

The line-up is a secret for now but hey, it’s the Civic Comedy Club, so you know it will be a grand night out.

Booking fees and charges may apply.


  • Friday 19 February 8.00pm