Experience the wit and wisdom of the socially awkward. 

- Smarting from a pick-up line that bombed?
- Tongue Tied at meeting strangers?
- Last party over before the late news starts?

Seven people come to a party, having been invited by friends of the host. 

They don’t know each other. They don’t know anyone else at the party. They don’t know even whose house it is, and their friends don’t show up. 


Set at a party “Awkward” follows the story of a bunch of crazy characters with distinctive personalities meeting for the first time: the introvert, extrovert, the hanger-on, the gorgeous, and the in-lust.


A chance to go to the theatre and feel better than when you went in ... come to the party!

“Once again Cadi McCarthy’s innovative theatrical dance ideas have proved amusingly witty.”

“Cadi McCarthy had us squirming in our seats as we relived the excruciating discomfort of meeting strangers at a party. With a mix of dialogue, humour, gesture and dance.  Awkward engages us from start to finish in the characters, their relationships.  To their credit, these five girls and two guys stick it out to the end, the awkwardness diminishes, but it is still there, even as they part for the evening.”

“Her latest creation Awkward – the story of perfect strangers and their effects on each other  - was delightfully entertaining”

“It was like an episode of Neighbours except the characters were professional dancers and the actors slightly more realistic, These were real people telling a real story”
Dance Theatre


  • Thursday 11 February Various
  • Friday 12 February Various
  • Saturday 13 February Various