Do Your Parents Know You're Straight?

Bearfoot Theatre is a queer identifying, youth managed NFP theatre association based in Newcastle with an objective to produce solely original works of theatre, which convey important, relevant social messages and give a voice to young artists. As part of the festival, Civic Theatre present an encore season of their acclaimed production Do Your Parents Know You’re Straight?

In many ways, Casey Miller is a regular teenager with a passion for writing stories. But Casey has a secret... he's straight. Feeling isolated, the aspiring author creates a friend- Riley, a lesbian girl who lives in an opposite world (not unlike our own) where heterosexuality is normality.

Riley operates as a reflection of Casey as he documents twisted versions of his reality through her eyes. But Riley can't always be happy- not when Casey's not... Because that's not fair.


  • Wednesday 17 February Various
  • Thursday 18 February Various
  • Friday 19 February Various
  • Saturday 20 February Various