Debauchery! Glory! Awkward Arousal! OMG WTF. The title says it all.  An all-new, dynamite, late night romp with a heady mix of Burlesque, Circus, Drag, Sideshow and Magic, this show is so hot it will leave you gasping…for more! A celebration of that weird feeling in your stomach when you don’t know whether to look away or stare on in awe, OMG WTF will leave you questioning all of your life choices, while thinking and feeling… OMG WTF!?

With a stellar line-up featuring the talents of local acts including Simon Bravissimo (Circus Avalon), Axl Rod (Girlthing, The Kings) Lana Del Banana (Burlesk of the Bizarre, Temptresses of Tease Burlesque Revue) and hulahooping hairmetal honey Hannah Indigo (Dark MOFO, Vivid Sydney) to name a few, OMG WTF is the definition of bang for your buck (with some bonus brazen booty).

"OMG WTF is a platform for variety artists to display their art that might not be seen in your average cabaret show. It’s time to get weird. Expect the unexpected.” Hannah Indigo, Producer & Performer.

This show is for anyone who wants to explore that weird side, who wants to leave with more questions than they went in with. Come get weird, let us celebrate!

Booking fees and charges may apply.
Dance Music Performance Theatre


  • Saturday 13 February 7.00 - 9.00pm, 9.00 - 11.00pm